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Our Custom Designed Wall Murals Can Help Your Business

When you think about your favorite room in your house, your favorite restaurant or your favorite store, what are some of the things that make it stand out in your mind? Chances are the ambiance of your favorite place plays a major role, not only in how much you like it, but how well you remember it.

Just like your favorite watering hole incorporates quirky wall signs or your favorite hotel uses wallpaper in a soothing color, the right “look” is key for any successful brick-and-mortar business. Quick Change Display’s custom wall murals are a useful tool to help your small business achieve the perfect ambiance.

A wall mural is a large graphically-designed image printed on special fabric that can be applied to nearly any flat surface. It can be custom cut to any shape or size, and can take up any area from a small corner to the entire wall of a room. Wall murals aren’t just for big-box companies; they’re great to make your small business stand out and leave a lasting impression on the customers that walk through the door.

Engage Visitors and Potential Customers

Decorating a wall, especially for a business can also be quite a challenge. Plain white walls can give your customers the impression that your services and products are boring and uninteresting. Painting is always an option, but it can be difficult to choose colors which are exciting but not too bold. Framed pictures or posters may look good at home, but they can project an unprofessional image. A wall mural solves all these problems.

Instead of worrying about how your wall looks to your customers, let your wall deliver a powerful and engaging message. In this age of digital photography and social media, people easily relate to large high quality images. Your custom wall mural will immediately engage visitors to your business and deliver a powerful message about your products and services. A unique and stunning feature, your customers will remember it and it will help differentiate you from your competitors.

Here are a few ideas for incorporating a wall mural into your small business:

Showcase your products. If your product lends itself to being photographed, what better way to show it off than on a large scale? This works particularly well for sporting goods, athletic equipment, and vehicles. Capture a destination. So maybe your shop isn’t beachside, but that doesn’t mean you can’t capture a tropical vibe. Cooking up fine Italian cuisine? Capture the Tuscan countryside. What better way to put your customer in the mood to buy than to transport him directly to a place associated with the product?

Transform the space. Not every piece of real estate is primed and ready to open up shop. Easily transform tired walls with a beautiful custom wall covering–cleaner and more convenient than the hassle of paint.

Tell your story. A custom wall mural doesn’t have to be all pictures. We can help you integrate text, photos and graphics to turn a wall into an informative, great-looking customer resource. We’re firm believers that physical spaces can spark ideas, inspire change and even affect decision making. The experts at Quick Change Display can help you come up with the perfect solution to transform your four walls into a truly one-of-a-kind space.

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